Trucking Accidents

Missouri Attorney for Victims of Trucking Accidents

Because of sheer size and weight, among other factors, 18-wheel trucks and other commercial vehicles are often involved in especially devastating roadway accidents. Prompt investigation and diligent evidence recovery can be critical when you have been injured in a trucking accident. Please contact Robert Curran, an experienced personal injury lawyer, for caring, determined work on your behalf.

Establishing Liability in Trucking Accidents

In addition to all the factors and causes involved in other types of auto accidents, we know what special evidence to look for when a tractor trailer or commercial driver is involved. Although commercial trucks are highly regulated under federal law due to their danger to the public, these regulations are frequently violated. When investigating your trucking accident, we will look into whether:

  • Limits and restraints on hours of service have been violated
  • A truck driver being on the road too long may have been fatigued and contributed to your trucking accident
  • The truck was properly maintained, legal and safe, and its load properly secured and distributed
  • There is any evidence of substance abuse by drivers involved, including the use of stimulants that may be more challenging to detect
  • Driver log books are accurate, and the driver has been subjected to all required background checks by the employer
  • The truck was equipped with a GPS monitoring system, sometimes used by trucking companies to keep an eye on their drivers, which can be a fantastic tool to prove that the driver has lied about his speed, hours of service or other important facts

Approaching two decades of experience effectively representing the seriously injured, as well as families of wrongful death victims, attorney Robert Curran is well equipped to handle your trucking accident case. Our experience extends from representing victims with extensive soft tissue injuries to those needing long-term care for incapacitating spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.

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We encourage you to contact us as soon as you possibly can after an accident causing injuries, or a fatal accident in which you have tragically lost a family member. Evidence can disappear quickly and permanently (as in the cases, for example, of fading tire skid marks, hazy witnesses’ memories, and repaired vehicle damage). We are committed to obtaining favorable financial results for you — and you will owe no fees or costs if we are not successful.

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