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Springfield, MO, personal injury attorney Robert Curran has fought for justice and obtained financial compensation for thousands of people injured in auto accidents. Over the past two decades, he has shown skill, compassion, and diligence, resulting in his becoming a trusted and valued legal resource for families across our state.

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When you have been injured by a negligent driver or a fatal accident has taken a family member from you, your decision to contact Curran Law Firm can make a real difference for your future.  Robert Curran does not charge to evaluate your case, and you will pay no attorney’s fee unless he obtains a favorable settlement or verdict for you. Reach out today for your free legal evaluation!
Car Accident Lawyer in Springfield, MO
After you’ve been injured in a car or truck accident where you were not at fault, you’re likely in a state of shock. Robert Curran is here to give you the representation — and the peace of mind — that you deserve. He specializes in car and trucking accident cases near Jasper County and the surrounding communities.

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Experiencing investigating all types of vehicle accidents.

For an auto accident attorney in Springfield, MO, there is no substitute for the extensive experience gained by dealing with a full range of motor vehicle accidents, including those involving motorcycles and heavy trucks. Robert Curran applies this knowledge and experience in evaluating and building your case, counseling you at every stage on how to protect and exercise your legal rights. When you choose Curran Law Firm, you can feel confident that you are choosing an experienced auto accident attorney in Springfield, MO.

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A commitment to thorough auto accident investigation is part of what makes Curran Law Firm successful in getting results for clients. Curran Law Firm employs professional accident reconstructionists when required and knows precisely what to look for when gathering and establishing evidence, such as:

  • Physical evidence from your car crash scene, including the “black box” information many late-model vehicles record regarding speed and other driving details
  • Any available witness testimony regarding your car accident
  • Information on other drivers and their conduct, including reckless or drunk driving

When you choose Curran Law Firm, you can trust legal counsel that has the necessary experience to serve you well as your insurance claims attorney in Springfield, MO.

Auto Collision Attorney Near Kansas City, MO

Who do you turn to when you need an auto collision attorney near Kansas City, MO?

Auto accident attorneys in Springfield, MO, are a dime a dozen, so how do you know if you’re picking the right one for your case? Curran Law Firm understands that the time after an auto collision or car accident is often a very challenging time for his clients. When you need a traffic accident lawyer in Springfield, MO, turn to Robert Curran. He has the experience necessary to help you navigate emotional and physical difficulties that can come with auto collisions.

Best Motor Vehicle and Traffic Accident Lawyer in Springfield, MO

When you’re in a motor vehicle accident or other auto collision, you want to be able to turn to a law firm you can trust. Robert Curran has the reputation for diligently representing clients during what might be the most difficult time of their lives.

Car Accident Attorney Near Kansas City, MO

Personal injury law is a delicate matter with a lot of difficult-to-navigate nuances, especially if you’ve recently been involved in an auto collision. Fortunately, Robert Curran is a discerning and fierce traffic accident lawyer based in Springfield, MO. If you need an auto accident attorney in Springfield, MO, don’t hesitate to reach out today for your free case evaluation.

Car Accident Attorney Near Ash Grove, MO

Car accidents are rarely cut and dry. If you’ve been wrongfully injured and need to recoup your medical expenses and other bills, Robert Curran is an auto accident attorney in Springfield, MO, that can represent your best interests.

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Auto Accident Attorney in Springfield, MO — Dealing with Insurance Effectively — Demonstrating the Impact on Your Life

Attorney Robert Curran will advise and represent you in all important dealings with insurance companies, protecting your rights to obtain the compensation you need. In addition, he is diligent and determined in showing the full medical extent and long-term impact of your injuries, including serious brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

If you want prompt, detailed attention to your case and a lawyer who will patiently explain your legal options and fight for maximum compensation, contact Robert Curran today.

While Curran Law Firm is proud to be among the most trusted traffic accident lawyer in Springfield, MO, Robert Curran knows that a lot of the nuances of law — and life — are interconnected. Contact Robert Curran when you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in SW Missouri, spinal cord injuries attorney in MO, workplace discrimination attorney, brain injuries attorney in MO, or a wrongful death attorney in SW Missouri.

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