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Missouri Attorney for Brain Injury Compensation

The more serious the injuries you or a family member has suffered, the more important it is for you to work with an experienced, dedicated personal injury attorney. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are frequently among the most serious of all injuries. But because the TBI victim usually looks relatively normal, it is frequently much more difficult to get the jurors to really see that the person has genuinely suffered a major, life-changing brain injury. Insurance carriers know this, and often try to take advantage of this situation by asserting frivolous defenses in brain injury cases, playing games to hopefully divert the jury’s attention. A brain injury is a situation in which it is essential to have a dedicated, highly skilled attorney on your side, one who knows how to effectively use medical expert testimony and testing to demonstrate the injury to the jury and convince them that the injury is real, even though it might not be visible.

Focused, respected lawyer Robert D. Curran has achieved favorable outcomes for clients in many cases involving traumatic brain injury and other injuries with catastrophic, often lifelong, consequences. For the legal advocacy you need to fight for your future, please contact the Curran Law Firm today.

Obtaining Compensation for You after an Injury

At Curran Law Firm, we focus on helping people with traumatic brain injuries get just compensation so they can have the future medical care they need, pay their past medical bills, and replace their lost income and wages, so they can stop worrying about money and move on as best they can. We can negotiate and take the strongest possible legal action for you when you or a family member has suffered brain injuries due to:

Going the Distance to Prove Liability and Demonstrate Consequences

We have the knowledge and resources to prove negligence and demonstrate the full impact of a brain injury, even when circumstances are complex. For example, we successfully represented the parents of a baby suffering from brain damage, despite the insurance carrier’s claiming that their insured was not careless and did not cause the accident, and that, in any event, the incident could not have caused the brain damage. Attorney Robert D. Curran has the experience and resources to develop medical evidence by examining records and bringing forth expert medical testimony in your case. Our mission in a brain injury case is to get our client a financial settlement or verdict that reflects the real severity and likely long-term consequences faced by the victim and family.

The Curran Law Firm is here to advocate for brain-injured people and families of wrongful death victims throughout southwest Missouri, including those in the Columbia, Joplin, Jefferson City and Branson areas. Our clients pay no up-front attorney fees, and no attorney’s fee at all until we win. Please contact us today about your brain injury or other serious personal injury cases.


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