Wrongful Death Attorney

Springfield, Missouri, Wrongful Death Lawyer

The pain of losing a beloved family member because of someone else’s negligence or criminal action is devastating, extreme and long lasting. While we understand that money cannot fully compensate you and your other family members for the loss of a loved one, our law firm is committed to fighting for a just financial recovery that can help you build a better future. Please contact us today for a free consultation and patient, caring explanations of your legal options. Experienced attorney Robert D. Curran has represented many Missouri families in personal injury and wrongful death claims, arising from auto accidents, criminal acts and other situations.

Pursuing All Possible Sources of Compensation for Your Loss

Missouri has very specific laws covering the types of compensation available to families of wrongful death victims. Your success in getting what you need and deserve may depend on your choice of an attorney who will:

  • Thoroughly investigate and analyze all events surrounding the wrongful death, in order to establish who was at fault and help you pursue the best available legal action
  • Devote the time and resources necessary to understand the full impact of your loss on your family
  • Effectively develop evidence showing the real economic consequences of the fatal accident or other event, and
  • Negotiate aggressively with insurance companies, while building the most persuasive possible case should your case go to trial.

Our law firm has successfully represented victims in complex wrongful death actions, including a case involving a criminal cover-up and subsequent murder. Wrongful death lawyerRobert D. Curran’s courtroom experience is a valuable asset to you at trial. Mr. Curran’s extensive courtroom experience also enables him to better evaluate and conduct settlement negotiations.

A Strong Resource for Southwest Missouri Families Hit by Tragedy

Moving on after a fatal accident or other catastrophic event that causes a death in your family may seem impossible. In many cases, taking the best available legal action can relieve financial stress so that you can better focus on healing.

At the Curran Law Firm in Springfield, Missouri, we have the skill and determination to help you obtain maximum compensation in your wrongful death case. Please contact us today for a free, informative consultation. You will not be adding financial stress, because we charge no attorney’s fee until we win.