Insurance Claims

Springfield, Missouri, Insurance Claims Attorney

Almost everyone pays for insurance and depends on it, but few would deny it’s difficult to understand all the fine print in an insurance policy. Unfortunately, many people only seriously consider the types of insurance coverages available after an auto crash or other accident, when it’s time to file a claim.┬áIf you’ve recently suffered a serious personal injury due to someone’s negligence or the insurance carrier is not offering you a fair amount to settle your claim, please contact our southwest Missouri law office today. We have the knowledge to help you achieve favorable resolution.

A Lawyer with Extensive Insurance Knowledge and Experience

Insurance is big business, and even though insurance policies themselves are pretty complicated, the insurance business is really pretty simple: Insurance companies take in as much money as they can as insurance premiums, pay out whatever they have to in claims, and they keep whatever is left over. Because of insurance companies’ temptations to ignore claimants’ rights, there are many laws governing how insurance companies must handle claims, such as Missouri’s “Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act,” (R.S.Mo. Sections 375.1000 to 375.1018.) For example, these laws forbid insurance companies from misrepresenting to claimants what’s covered under the policy, from denying claims without conducting a reasonable investigation, and from not acting in good faith.

Despite these laws, many insurance companies routinely offer lowball settlement offers, hoping that the injured person has no idea what their claim is really worth. Despite their promises that “you’re in good hands,” the insurance company will do its best to get you to settle for as little as humanly possible.

That’s why you need an experienced attorney on your side, someone with experience and knowledge who will fight the insurance company for you. At the Curran Law Firm, we know what kind of information is successful in getting insurance companies to increase their settlement offers, and we’ll present your claim to the insurance carrier
in a way that gets them to make their best settlement offers. Just as important, if they still don’t make a fair offer, we’ll file a lawsuit and put the matter into the hands of an independent jury.

Early in his career as a lawyer, Robert D. Curran gained important perspective by handling insurance defense cases. He understands how best to deal with the range of strategies an insurer may use to avoid paying or to succeed in minimizing your claim. This experience is a tremendous asset to southwest Missouri personal injury victims. You do not have to struggle alone to understand your insurance policy or your rights. For a free consultation and the legal help you need on your side, please call (417) 823-7500 or send us an e-mail now.