Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries Attorney in Greene County

Since 1987, Robert Curran has fought to obtain justice and fair compensation for clients that have been victims of spinal injuries, including paralysis and other severe spinal trauma. As the best spinal cord injury attorney in Greene County, Robert Curran has worked diligently to ensure that those responsible for his client’s spinal cord injuries will be held accountable in the courts. If you have been a victim of the negligence or intentional actions that caused spinal injuries, contact the leading spinal injuries attorney in Missouri!

Spinal Injuries Attorney in Missouri

Unfortunately, many of those who have experienced a spinal injury are impacted by years of expensive medical costs and significant life adjustments due to paralysis or other severe back injury. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident or due to someone’s criminal action, contact Robert Curran — an experienced spinal injuries attorney in Missouri. He provides a free and caring consultation to learn about your situation and whether it is possible to obtain just financial compensation for the injuries you have endured. You may be entitled to past and future medical expenses, lost wages, as well as compensation for your pain and suffering.

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Representing Victims of Spinal Injuries in Missouri

Spinal cord injury and paralysis cases often require determined and highly experienced legal representation from a spinal cord injuries attorney in Greene County like Robert Curran. He is committed to a thorough investigation of your spinal injury case to prove the other party’s liability. He also has medical resources that will comprehensively document the full medical impact of your injuries. This includes a life care plan to prove future medical costs for physical rehabilitation, infection prevention, and long-term physical therapy.

He has successfully obtained sizable verdicts and settlements for plaintiffs in cases involving a full range of personal injuries. Acting as a car accident attorney near Willard, MO, and as a commercial trucking injury attorney in MO, he has effectively demonstrated the responsibility of defendants to pay for the life-changing injuries they have caused our clients. Robert Curran can competently counsel and represent you in a broad range of personal injury cases, acting as a brain injuries attorney in MO and as a motorcycle accident attorney near Kansas City.

Spinal injuries can result from a long list of incidents. As a trusted spinal cord injury attorney in Greene County, Robert Curran has helped those who have been injured in:

  • Automobile and trucking accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents that often require an in-depth reconstruction of the events leading up to the accident
  • Medical malpractice, including both doctor’s surgical errors and other healthcare negligence that results in paralysis or other catastrophic injuries
  • Unsafe property conditions that cause slip-and-fall accidents and other circumstances where premises liability applies
  • Criminal acts such as assault and driving while intoxicated
  • Other accidents or tragic events that have resulted in personal injury or wrongful death

Spinal Injury Attorney Near Kansas City, Missouri

As highly respected spinal injury attorney in Missouri, Robert Curran takes pride in providing extensive legal services for those suffering due to the negligence or intentional acts of another. Don’t suffer in silence anymore! Contact Curran Law Firm for excellent legal representation to help regain control of your life again. As a wrongful death attorney in SW Missouri, Robert Curran will work with you during this time of grief to ensure you have someone fighting for just financial compensation. As a spinal injuries attorney in Missouri, Robert Curran serves the following communities:

Spinal Injuries Attorney in Springfield, MO

Robert Curran understands the pain and anguish you have experienced due to spinal cord injury. He has fought hard for our clients as a spinal cord injuries attorney in Greene County and represented other traumatic injuries due to negligence or criminal intent, including being a wrongful death attorney in SW Missouri. If you have been looking for a spinal injuries attorney in Missouri due to circumstances that were out of your control, look no further than Curran Law Firm!

Don’t suffer another day due to pain caused by someone else; contact us for the best legal representation you can receive from a spinal cord injuries attorney in Greene County, MO.