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If you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident, you might be in a significant amount of pain and uncertain of your next steps. Between hospitalizations, physical therapy, property damage, and the unrelenting stress of the entire ordeal, it comes as no surprise that you might be overwhelmed. Given personal injury is fraught with staggering costs and considerable affliction, it’s imperative to turn to a law firm in Springfield, MO, you can trust.  We have two offices (Springfield, MO and Kansas City, MO) and are proud to serve the entire state of Missouri.  

Curran LAw Firm

As a highly-regarded personal injury lawyer in Springfield, MO, Attorney Robert D. Curran will apply more than 30 years of experience as a lawyer in evaluating and building your case.  He also has knowledgeable medical resources for demonstrating the nature and full extent of your injuries, including catastrophic brain injuries and devastating spinal cord injuries.

He has obtained sizeable insurance settlements and verdicts at trial for many personal injury and wrongful death victims, including those suffering the consequences of:

  • Auto accidents, as well as motorcycle and trucking accidents
  • Employment discrimination, including illegal discrimination based on sex, age, race, or otherwise
  • A full range of other accidents and events, such as the criminal actions of other people, animal attacks, and falls caused by unsafe conditions on someone’s property