How to Identify Gender Discrimination at Work

illustration depicting gender gap between man and wonan

Over the years, gender discrimination (also referred to as sex discrimination, gender bias or even sexism) has become a prominent topic. Unfortunately, many people are unable to identify gender discrimination when it occurs, or even know exactly what it is. Keep in mind that it’s not just women who are affected by gender discrimination; men also experience discrimination based solely on their sex. Let’s take a look at what constitutes gender discrimination and how to identify it in the workplace.

What Is Gender Discrimination?

Gender discrimination occurs when an individual applies stereotypical attributes to another person based on their gender. It essentially involves placing preference on one gender over the other. For example, much attention has been given to the preferential treatment of white, heterosexual men in mainstream society, and professional settings are hot spots for gender bias and discrimination.

Examples of Gender Discrimination and Bias in the Workplace

Examples of gender discrimination include these situations:

  •     Performance, reviews, and rewards/promotions are doled out to one gender in preference to the other.
  •     Pay is not the same for both men and women. Research from the U.S. Department of Labor shows that women make just 82 cents for every dollar that men make, creating a significant gap in wages.
  •     Benefits are not the same for both sexes.
  •     Female employees are referred to by pet names such as “honey” or “sweetheart.”
  •     Only female employees are selected for jobs as secretaries or administrative duties. Men are given preference for management or executive positions.
  •     Males are expected to stay and work overtime, but females are given a pass because they’re perceived as needed at home for childrearing and homemaking.

Statistics on Gender Discrimination

Only 23% of CEOs are women, and 90% of senior leaders in the corporate world are men. Gender discrimination is not an isolated problem by any means; 42% of women report experiencing this type of discrimination in the workplace. In fact, 25,000 gender discrimination claims were filed just in 2017 alone, and victims of this type of discrimination received more than $148 million in payouts in 2018.

Have You Experienced Gender Discrimination or Bias?

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